Quelle est la largeur d’un sweat-shirt oversize ?

Sweatshirt is a versatile garment that works for everyday situations. You may have heard your father talked about his shrink-wrapped collection of sweatshirts around the mid-2000s. Nowadays, it is the rise of hip hop and rap trend that paves the way for the fashion pendulum. Oversized items of clothing, especially sweatshirts are the most popular items. However, not everyone can perfectly pull off the oversize trend. Have you ever wondered what is the perfect size for an oversized sweatshirt? How can we wear oversize without looking like an arrogant snob? This article will give you a thorough guide therefore you upgrade your streetwear style.

oversized sweatshirt

Oversize trend

Oversize versus freesize

Free size and oversize seem to be misunderstood by many non-fashion enthusiasts. However, they differ from each other in terms of some standards. 

Freesize is normally known as one size fits all (from skinny guys to chubby guys, from short guys to tall guys). 

On the other hand, oversize is the extra bigger 

3 ways to wear an oversized sweatshirt?

Buy oversized, not big

Many people can not decide if a garment is big or oversized, Of course, both of them are all about loose-fitting garments. Oversized comes in lots of variations. It is best to assess fit piece by piece and recognize your own comfort levels with the fit. However, the final verdict boils down to the shoulder. The wrong choice of a big sweatshirt over an oversized sweatshirt makes you look slouchy and messy. Square s

Add balance

From large suits and extra-wide jackets to roomy T-shirts and sweatshirts, it is essential to get away from the temptation to put on many layers of oversizes. If you blindly follow the trend without knowing where to cut slack, you will probably look like a schoolboy who’s not ready for his new school uniform instead of rocking the street like Jorah Hill. To level up your style with an oversized sweatshirt, it would be a wise choice to go reverse with the top and the bottom. If you go oversized on the top, you might want to dress it over more fitted pants, but avoid super skinny since the discrepancy will look creepy.

Smart layering

It is common to wear a jacket or a coat on top of the oversized sweatshirt. We have several jackets for you to pick. Click here

How to know your size? – Oversized sweatshirt guide

When living with fashion, by mandatory a person should always know two things: your size and yourself.

It is a good idea to buy clothes that are meant to have an oversized appearance an that you’re able to buy in your size. Always stay within two or three sizes of your fit size to avoid unflattering all over bagginess.

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