What kind of graphic tees are YOU?

Every streetwear enthusiast claims that a graphic tee is one of the best must-have items when you are new to streetwear. Again, it is just a genre of T-shirts among other classics like polo, Henley, etc but why it stands out as streetwear essential. Do you know how many styles are there when it comes to a graphic tee? Just to let you know, this article is here to explain everything for you.

Graphic Tees nowadays solidify themselves as not only a fashion item but also the voice of the generations wearing those garments. From basic tee to statement T-shirts, it is obvious that a revolution of graphic tees is ongoing. Within our article, we will discuss the five main trends are dominating the street style.

Logo T-Shirt

The first style of the graphic tee is the logo tee. It is a perfect example of how 90s inspiration is ubiquitous in fashion these days. During the 2017-2018 season, under the rise of streetwear, the craze over logos is around every corner. IF you are one of the OGs of streetwear, maybe you still remember those so-called trends such as Logomania”, “Big text/Big logo”, “Big graphic”. High fashion designers have actively embraced the trend and it was even brought onto the Fashion Weeks, raiding the archives for large and bold in the center of the tee for everyone to see. The bigger the brand name is, the more expensive and high-end the person owning those tees can show off.

Nowadays, the attention to logos has degraded to some extent but still, not many people can say out loud that they don’t need Supreme, Stussy, Off-white, so on to feel streetwear. And you, are you willing to say no to those brands and find a new change of wind?

graphic T-shirt logo
Signature T-shirt – Aarhon 2020 Summer Collection
graphic T-shirt
“FXCK” Printed Cotton T-shirt – Aarhon 2020 Summer Collection

If you are a basic graphic T-shirt, keep the game neat and minimal and just let the branding shine, or layer it underneath a smart blazer for the fundamental casual leverage.

Photography Design

The next graphic T-shirt is Photograph Design. Hyper-realistic photographs describe this t-shirt style. T-shirts with photography patterns emphasize the picture itself, with any text serving as a compliment. Since the image is the most important aspect of this form of t-shirt design, the printing process is particularly important to ensure that the image appears exactly as it should. The best way to achieve high-quality printing is to use the Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing process. Want to discover some other cool printed methods to produce a tee, click here to read more.

Back to our thread, if you buy this type of T-shirt, there is nothing much to discuss. However, when you choose to make your owns, there are several considerations you may need.


  • T-shirts with photographic images on them can be very captivating and eye-catching when printed properly.
  • Depending on the image itself, if it is custom-made, the t-shirt design may be difficult for others to replicate.
  • This type of t-shirt design can be as simple or complex to create as you’d like.


  • You’ll have to have a high-quality image that your customers will want to wear on their t-shirt.
  • You’ll have to use DTG or all-over-sublimation printing methods to get the best possible image of your photo printed on the t-shirt.
  • You’ll have to have the right file size & requirements to be able to print a good quality version of the image onto a t-shirt.
  • If you aren’t using your own image you’ll either have to pay for a commercial license of an image or for rights to a photographer’s image.
graphic T-shirt photograph

Customized Illustration T-shirt

This type of graphic t-shirt design may consist of elements of both typography and illustration. Graphic designs, which are typically combined with typography to create a unique, expressive t-shirt style that is interesting and eye-catching, are among the main design parameters. When the picture and typography fit well together, this T-shirt design pattern can be very mesmerizing. You can make this form of t-shirt design as simple or as complicated as you want. If you make your own graphic design, your T-shirt will be exclusive.

graphic T-shirt
Oversize “Chaos” T-shirt – Aarhon 2021 Summer Collection

Band T-Shirt

Despite having been a staple in the wardrobes of music’s most devoted fans since the 1970s, the band tee now has serious approval of style. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kanye West have embraced the trend, combining vintage merchandise aka merch with new designs or making their own lines based on previous bands.

graphic T-shirt band

During the golden era of rock, band T-shirts were ubiquitous because, besides albums, merch was the only other choice to support their idols. People have collected and made a list of the 100 most iconic band T-shirts of all time. Now, it’s up to you to travel back to the past to dig more.

Rock never dies so do band T-shirts. For anyone who feels mesmerized by grunge punk culture, in order to embrace the aesthetic – stay loyal to oversized fit. If you choose a black tone, go with a bright long-sleeve underneath and vice versa, put on a more colorful long-sleeved tee with your pop of color band T-shirt. At the end of the day, the graphic T-shirt should be the center of the heart. Finally, keep your jeans on the skinny side or ripped to really nail the look. You can even paint your nails when you want a standing look.

band graphic T-shirt

All-Over Print

When maxing out on T-shirt prints, the smaller the graphics the better – too big and you’re bordering on poolside attire (think your dad’s most garish of holiday shirts). Of course, the safer amongst us could opt for a classic Breton, but for the more sartorially adventurous, try geometrics, camo, and tie-dye options.

All-over print graphic T-shirt

Don’t be perturbed by the busy print – it’s easier than you think to slot into your everyday looks. Simply work it under a smart Oxford shirt or bomber jacket and go for smart, tapered trousers below the belt to let the graphics add a touch of character to a neat outfit.

Reverse Print

The reverse print is a sartorial gem that is easily overlooked, but it provides the perfect entry point to graphics for minimalist lovers – mainly because it’s all business up front and party in the back. But just because you’re not wearing your prints on your chest, doesn’t mean that it isn’t making as strong a statement as a big bold emblem.

graphic T-shirt reverse print

In fact, with a back print, you’re giving yourself a bigger and better canvas to display your choice of art on. These work best when on a long-sleeved silhouette (anything you can do to avoid throwing another layer over the top and covering your print) which can be tucked in for a strong Scandi touch. Should you need to throw a jacket on, however, make sure your tee is a bold hue and ensure the outer layer is in a dark tone so it still pops.

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