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V neck T-shirt: Is this the true symbol of sexiness?

V neck T-shirt is one of the best menswear inventions but not many people look at it as a must-have. Notwithstanding, the popularity of crew neck is another story. Therefore, in today’s article, we collect all the concerns relating to the controversies over V neck t-shirts and try to not justify them. Now, let the game begin.

When is V-neck T-shirt invented?

In the past, T-shirts are worn as undergarments, and layers of other pieces were add-ons until we look like a burrito (just kidding). Then in the 19th century, T-shirts “basicago” their modern forms nowadays after being renovated and adopted by miners and stevedores as a comfortable covering for hot weathers. They’ve grown in popularity in men’s fashion over the last decade or so, and are now considered as much of a staple as the traditional T-shirt.

With both WWII and the Korean War behind them, the 1960s saw a surge in the use of various colors, as industry no longer had to compete with rationing and shortages, and had the boom decade of the 1950s to invest in new designs, colors, and cuts. The standard t-shirt required a little sprucing up – a little variety – by this period. As a result, the V-neck and other t-shirt styles were born.

Why do T-shirts have V necks?

There are some things about this type of T-shirt that makes it so versatile. It adds warmth, therefore, keeps you hydrated when dressed as a base layer without adding a lot of bulk around your neck. V-neck tees often look fantastic underneath vests or button-down shirts that are left untied or just buttoned halfway up. The object of the v-neck is to keep the shirt’s fabric hidden. When it is worn alone, normally your body will shine because the chest is half exposed half hidden and ambiguity is “lady magnet”.

V neck T-shirt

Are V necks attractive?

V-necks are one of the most tempting and easygoing garments available. They finish your overall design whilst enabling you to experiment with different neck areas, ranging from deep V-necks to reveal your magnificent chest to those that usually show off your neckline bone. It works for anyone who is hot or not so hot.

Do straight guys wear V-necks?

Yes, Yes, v-neck t-shirts are fantastic since they give men more chest publicity. Often they make the chest appear larger since the v-neck shape emphasizes the chest more than a normal crew neck t-shirt. When you decide to push the boundaries, try experimenting with the deepness of the “v”.

Which team are YOU? Are you a team V neck T-shirt or a Crew T-shirt?

If you have a longer neck, go with crew necks. A v-neck would visually lengthen your neck and make it look longer. Unless you can find shorter v-necks with a shorter “v” like the white shirt on my model below. If you have a shorter neck, go with v-necks. To read more, click here!

How to wear V-neck T-shirt with style?

In general, deciding to wear or not to wear a V neck T-shirt is up to face shape and height. Men with large faces and bigger upper bodies look good in V-necks since they create angles and balance your body. V neck T-shirts also back up shorter men because it naturally linear the neck, giving the impression of length or height. It also assists in the slimming process for larger men.

When it comes to the fashion perspective, V necks are great options to go with a lot of garments.

V-neck & shirt

V neck T-shirt Bruce Willis

V-Neck & Jacket

V neck T-shirt leather bomber jacket

V-neck & Suit

V neck T-shirt suit

Is making my own V-neck T-shirt easy?

Yes, absolutely easy. There are some rules to seam the neckline so that it can look balanced and you can follow some tutorials online. Here is our favorite suggestion for you – How to sew a V neck.

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