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The T-Shirt Wikipedia: Guides to Men’s T-Shirts in 2021

T-shirts are now basic, everyday items of  clothing regardless of sex.Thanks to their simple design, men’s t-shirts are absolutely versatile and can be worn in different situations. Some t-shirts are the best uniforms for the workplace, but at the same time when you are walking down the street you can still see some crazy but eye-catching ideas with t-shirts. How can you turn your everyday basic into a versatile piece? Read this article to find out.

What are the differences between T-shirts and Shirts? 

First of all, can you tell the difference between T-shirts and Shirts? Wait, do they both have similar Tshirt designs?

So basically a t-shirt is a casual outfit usually made of knitted fabrics like jerseys, cotton, linen, polyester. A regular t-shirt often has a round neck and is said to be the easiest to put on (just put it on, quick and furious).

On the other hand, a shirt is formal attire especially for work, it has a collar and a line of buttons. Woven fabrics are used to make shirts to form folds and edges. Also, to give others a sense of accent, some shirts have two chest pockets as an accessory and hardworking employees can stick their pens in (just kidding). In general, a shirt is an essential outfit for a professional life.

All Kinds Of Mens T Shirts You Should Know

1. Polo T-Shirt 

Polo shirts are very versatile t-shirts for men, as you can wear them for golf, official events, meetings, outings with friends or races. These t-shirts are perfect for men with a slim body as they create the illusion of a fuller upper body.

T-shirts for men: Polo t-shirt

2. Henley T-Shirt 

Henley t-shirts are a collarless version of polo t-shirts with a multi-inch button placket. They look great when worn with jeans, chinos, khaki pants, cargo pants or sweatpants for casual and semi-formal occasions. You can find button down t-shirts in a variety of designs and colors, but a solid, neutral color is best.

T-shirts for men Henley

3. V- Neck T-Shirt 

V-neck t-shirt is something that almost every man has in his wardrobe. It offers a look that is both casual and formal. Fitness enthusiasts who want to show off their abs and biceps can wear a tight V-neck tee and be a fitness or style icon.

T-shirts for men V-neck

4.Striped T-shirt

A striped t-shirt can easily be found in any trendy designer wardrobe. Its preppy and classic look adapts to the personal style of each man. Whether it’s a horizontal or vertical striped t-shirt, you can wear it with jeans or shorts for a night out, dinner, shopping, etc. Striped t-shirts are available in different necklines including round neck, round neck and V neck.

stripped T-shirt

5. Graphic T-Shirt

Every man has at least one pair of graphic t-shirts in his wardrobe. These incredibly versatile t-shirts feature interesting fonts, slogans, bold prints, patterns, images or stylistic representations (usually on the chest / back).
Graphic t-shirts are very casual and look best with blue jeans and trainers. Many websites like 99tshirts, ilogo, freshmonk, and freecultr allow you to customize / personalize the t-shirts according to your needs. So, next time you want to promote a cause / festival / sports team / organization / event or want to wear the same t-shirt in a group in college, you have to try these websites.

T-shirts for men graphic

6. Pocket T-Shirt

Pocket t-shirts have a small solid or printed pocket on the left chest. The pocket is just for style and to add interest to a plain t-shirt. Pair a pocket tee with jeans for a laid back day at home.

pocket T-shirt mens

7. Plain T-Shirt

Plain t-shirts are the best option for men who prefer a clean and minimal look. These popular t-shirts are timeless and never go out of style. They are easy to mix and match and can be worn on almost any occasion.

8. Hooded T-Shirt

Hooded t-shirts are very popular among fashion-conscious men. These versatile and stylish t-shirts add just the right amount of edge to your off-duty look. You can wear them in all seasons as they can protect from heat, cold breeze and light drizzle.

9. Round Neck T-Shirt

Crew neck t-shirts are a great combination of casual and comfortable. They are the best option for men with small breasts as crew neck t-shirts make them appear larger and better proportioned. Wear a crew neck t-shirt to enjoy a relaxed evening or wear it under collared shirts for a casual look.

10. U-neck T-shirt

If you want to show a little more skin or a preview of the chest, then go for U-neck or crew-neck tees. When it comes to U-neck t-shirts, solid and stripes are the best choice.

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