Blouson Jacket: Stylish ways to wear Fashion tips for Men 2021

It is SO not true that Blouson Jacket is boring and represents a Mr-I-am-sad-and-never-into-streetwear. Let find out more about this type of jacket and we will give our advice on how to turn your snorrendous Blouson into a new bodacious outfit that a stranger will want to ask you for more information.

What is Blouson Jacket?

Traditional design of a blouson jacket

A blouson – also used to know as a Harrington is a waist-length, zippered, solid-color jacket.  A traditional Blouson is made from durable materials such as lightweight, water-resistant, rain-proof cotton, synthetic (nylon or polyester) blend. The jacket also has a variety of fabric choices including wool, suede, leather.

The construction of blouson jacket

Every detail of the Blouson Jacket serves a purpose. From the top, the sleeves are seamed with the Raglan method that extends each piece of sleeve fully to the collar, a significant design for broad shoulders. Stand collar or mandarin collar presents to avoid chafing therefore rain doesn’t go down your neck.

Cotton-poly fabric with ratio blends around 65% cotton and 35% polyester being the most common which provide the stretch and softy, the light jacket is a perfect choice for the summer season.

Ribbed cuffs and waist are made to keep the cold out and the heat in so the blouson is also great option for the beginning fall/winter season when you don’t want to move arounf looking like a Iceland man.

Double slider zipper gives wearer comfort to sit down since the zipper can be open from the top or the bottom.

Double-slanded or vertical pocket on each side of the low sleeve is simple for dipping hands into the pocket.

Blouson Jacket vs Bomber Jacket

If you are not a fashion geek, you may find it difficult to tell the differences between Blouson and Bomber. The style of Blouson features fitted or elastic cuffs and waistband, which cause the material to gather and “blouse” over the wrists and waist. As such, the style is similar to a bomber jacket. However, it is typically more tailored and often finished with a classic collar, which makes it appear somewhat smarter. 


Blouson jacket looks


Bomber Jacket looks

How to wear a blouson jacket: Detailed guides

Albeit blouson is a classic with a preppy impression, it is the versatility that makes this garment become one of the most favorable topwear choices for men. There are several ways of styling a blouson jacket that helps you to look both well-dressed and on-trend.

Ivy style

The Ivy Style is known as the classic uniform for simplicity look and it comes from the Ivy League Look with references to tailoring, carefully detailing. If you oft for this typical type of look, go with the natural fabrics for the blouson, cuffed pants, shirts with button-down collars and finish off by a pair of penny loafers.

Ivy style with blouson jacket

Bold Pattern

The Blouson is one of those must-haves that both block colors and bold patterns are free of choices. If you are planning to go loud, try camouflage design on the top, and keep it balanced with basic denim jeans and loafers.

Bold Pattern with Blouson Jacket

Layer Up

Layers make people sophisticated, there you go! Blouson Jacket is a transeasonnal item and you can mix it with a sweater underneath together with stick to the skin jeans or put a heavier peacoat over when the weather gets colder.

Layer up with blouson jacket

Go Casual

Since the Blouson is versatile and fits with almost everything, it looks great with similarly simple casual attire and is the perfect way to make the jacket the star of the show. For effortless fashion perspectives, wear it with a pair of jeans and a simple white T-shirt.

Casual style blouson jacket

Business Dress

Normally, wearing a jacket at work is not considered a good choice for such a formal situation. However, if it is is in the sober shade and it is paired with smart pants, collar shirts, and ties, it will definitely leverage your style and maybe it will become the hot topic at lunchtime.

Business wear blouson jacket

Film star on the go

There is no better way to improve your styling other than following celebrities. They are destined to be a fashion guru. Take a look at James Bond actor Daniel Craig to see how he rocks the look.  

James Bond blouson harrington jacket

People say well-put-together gentlemen wear blouson and only juveniles wear bomber. This stereotype frames people and prevents them from discovering new expereBlouson and Bomber. If you are ready to shop for a unique blouson jacket, here are some of our basic designs for you to look through. Click here!

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