Polo T-Shirt: How to get rid of fashion faux pas

Of course Uncle Roger looks like a walking carrot in his orange polo T-shirt and only a pack of MSG can level up his taste of fashion. Still, he is cute and hilarious and fashion does not get in the way with his popularity. Love or hate it, polo T-shirt is the savior for informal-formal style and its role in fashion and pop culture is undeniable. From office wear to street style, there are several tips for you to avoid fashion faux pas.

Who are the fathers of Polo T-shirt?

A polo T-shirt is a type of soft short or long-sleeved shirt with a collar and placket and two or three buttons in the neck opening.

While the polo shirt can be traced back to British polo players in the 19th century, it was Lacoste who designed the polo shirt we know today in the 1920s. Lacoste’s polo shirt, which was created to help tennis players overcome a number of issues at the time, has since been imitated by a slew of other apparel companies, with specially-designed variants being added to the likes of polo and T-shirt.

rene lacoste polo T-shirt

Lacoste had a crocodile embroidered onto the left breast of his tennis shirt, a piece that surprised spectators as he smashed his way to consecutive U.S. Open wins in 1926 and 1927. The first of its kind, Lacoste’s tennis shirt was the blueprint for the modern day polo shirt.

Then it was Ralph Lauren who produced the beautiful, naural Patina – an ideal knitted pique cotton tennis shirt of times-past. In 1972, Ralph Lauren launched his iteration of the tennis shirt. Coming in 24 colors, Polo Ralph Lauren marketed the shirt with the tagline “it gets better with age”.

Today polo T-shirt is best known as tennis players’ uniform.

polo T-shirt Novak Djokovic

How to wear any polo T-shirts with sharp look

The polo shirt’s versatility comes in the fact it doesn’t have to be worn for sporting purposes. A slim-fit black polo shirt, for example, can be paired with dark jeans for an evening outfit. You can also find long-sleeved polo shirts that are equally smart in their appearance. cargo pants

A slim, fitted polo with no branding combined with slim chinos looks really nice for hot summer days where you don’t want to be in a shirt. I think the polo is a great alternative for office wear.

Is polo T-shirt a deal-breaker or in style?

Starting as the sporty wear for atheletes, the polo T-shirt has been around for over 100 years and it will never run out of style as long as the sport industry still exists. Fashion trend comes and goes and polo t-shirts still remain as one of the most fundemental staples in menswear.

Want to hear more? Here is a special episode for you to dig deep into polo T-shirt from LMTLS Podcast.

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