Henley T-shirt

Henley T-shirt: Is it formal or informal for work?

Henley T-shirt is hand-down the best’s gentlemment wear. Say no more, everyone should own one in their wardrobe. In your opinion, is it formal or informal garment?

How does the Henley T-shirt get its name?

Before jump in the hot discussion on the formality of this elegant T-shirt, let’s talk of its origin. Although it can appear to be a polo T-shirt without a collar, a crew neck T-shirt with T-cut neckline, the Henley Shirt has a long history of menswear. It is a knitted staple with a ringed collar and a two-button placket by name. Cotton is the most common fiber to produce Henley, but synthetics and merino wool are also great alternatives.

Henleys originally appeared in nineteenth-century Great britain, where they were worn as underwear by men. These undervests, as they had been known, were among the first collarless garments and were recognized for being easier to wear and more relaxed, but in the western English town of Henley-on-Thames, they quickly gained a much larger following as sportswear.

Henley T-shirt British original
A British undervest from the 1880s

The Royal Regatta, England’s biggest rowing contest, has been held in Henley since 1839. Due to the extreme improved ventilation offered by the placket and the absence of a collar, it quickly became the traditional rowers uniform. The spreading of the shirt was helped by the practice of losers handing their uniforms to the champions when the game is over.

Henley T-shirt British original

At the start of the British Industrial Revolution, the collarless shirt with buttons down was becoming popular, and innovations such as the cotton gin and water-powered milling allowed for mass manufacturing on a scope never seen before.

Throughout the early 1970s, the this T-shirt was almost exclusively associated with sportswear. T-shirts then became common casual wear by the second half of the 20th century. However, once again, it was the great Ralph Lauren that saw a vintage example and he knew immediately the henley’s potential as a new kind of t-shirt hybrid. This is the story of how the modern Henley T-shirt was born. It is now available in almost every men’s line of clothing. We can find different versions of Henley in short and long sleeves, in variety of fabrics, cuts, colors, and shapes.

Are you team informal or formal Henley T-shirt?

henley T-shirt

So here we go, should this T-shirt be informal or formal?


Without much effort, it is easy to style the informal outfit with Henley T-shirt. The elongated curved hem together with uts high stretch fabric allows for optimum comfort. The seriously soft fabric and wrinkle-free technology are built-in added bonuses. In order to rock out the street, the only thing you need to do is to put a bomber over the top and jeans in the bottom.


Since this kind of T-shirt usually has 3 buttons down from neckline stretching to chest, it looks fairly polite and preppy. If you a a true fan of this mix between crewneck and polo kind of grament and still want to wear it in workplace, team it up with a cotton-silk blend blazer or suite from head to toe in tone-downed color and you are perfect to meet your business partners.

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