In the color: Grey sweatshirt ideas from head to toe

Can you guess what is the name for one garment that has come further over the course of the last two decades? Easy, it is the sweatshirt. However, this is not a story of the sweatshirt in general, but one particular color that pops up to your head when it comes to men’s taste. Labeled as one of the safest colors to go for, is it true that a grey sweatshirt is a boring option for a man? It’s up to you to answer that moral question but first let’s check out some cool ideas from us and see if we can change your mind.

Why grey sweatshirt is number 1 choice for safe fashion?

grey sweatshirt mens

As mentioned from the beginning, the sweatshirt is the best food for hungry cold weather. From the uniform of workers to the most popular streetwear item, sweatshirts have been through a long-short history. Indeed, what is the story behind the sad effect of grey?

In color psychology, grey symbolizes neutrality and balance since it is the combination of black and white. As a result, grey is an unemotional color, unprejudiced and neutral. That’s why grey is correlated as the color of power by many rulers from European countries like France, Sweden with the cliche “fashion makes the man”. In that sense, grey is associated with masculinity and men wear darker clothes to look bolder.

grey sweatshirt king of france

Nowadays, grey is said to be emotionless, boring, detached, and indecisive. When a man’s wardrobe is full of grey outfits or in particular grey sweatshirts, he tends to show neither liking nor disliking to everything. Moreover, in a movie, if the guy has a full house painted in grey, he will definitely be the typical type of well-off man with no sexual desire, no passion, no dream.

All shades of grey sweatshirt you maybe miss

How many shades of grey can you guess? Are there fifty shades of grey like the book with the same given name? In fact, this number is used as a figurative language to describe the swift mood swing of Christian Grey, the protagonist of the book, and 3 sequenced adapted movies. In reality, the RGB color model can show 256 different shades of grey. Whoop! At least, now we know that grey is not a totally depressing color because there are so many shades of color.

grey sweatshirt mens

The two group of grey

In architecture and fashion, experts have divided greys into main groups. Cool grays will have an undertone of blue, purple or green while warm grays will have a yellow, red, or brown grounding to them. In regard of feelings, cool greys create the light, airy, relaxed mood. Warm greys are more cozy, earthy, sophisticated base. If you are interested in grey anatomy, you can read more at here.

grey sweatshirt mens

Some awesome ideas to style your grey sweatshirt for every situation


A perfect outfit for formal situations can not neglect the color grey. A grey sweatshirt teamed up with a camel overcoat is the best match made in heaven. If you don’t want to look too serious or cold-hearted to your colleagues, probably finish with a pair of black and white canvas low-top sneakers to show off your playful side.

Casual Look

Mix a grey sweatshirt with navy denim for a laid-back look. To add a bit of contrast, pair this costume with charcoal suede Chelsea boots. A grey sweatshirt and black cargo pants are a stylish combination to keep in your wardrobe. Why wouldn’t finish this look with a pair of grey print canvas high-top sneakers to bring a much more casual vibe?

Street Look

For streetwear, it is all about playfulness with your own flair and coolness. If you opt for a cold color like gray, consider combining a grey sweatshirt with a long-sleeved shirt underneath and olive sweatpants will make you standing out and looking swag.

grey sweatshirt mens

Or another style is to choose grey sweatshirts with graphic patterns. Now, who can say it is boring?

grey sweatshirt mens

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