Details make you different: How to dress a men’s cardigan with an absolutely so-next-year perspective in 2021

Cardigan has circled back into fashion, finally. For a long time, whether men should or should not wear cardigans is always a hot potato. Many people criticise cardigans for giving a very feminine, preppy, or elderly appearance. Now, when it comes down to streetwear fashion, cardigans are finally given fair justice. Follow us to see how to wear a men’s cardigan like a fashion icon.

men's cardigan streetwear

The new definition of a men’s cardigan: Look is the Gender spectrum

Cardigan is a kind of sweater with a knitted texture and a button-down line that can be worn open or closed. Due to its flexibility of design, a cardigan can be worn as an indoor garment or an outdoor jacket. The long history of the men’s cardigan dated back to 1864 when the sleeveless sweater started to have full-length sleeves and named after its creator – the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a notable British militant man who generalised the style.

Unfortunately, for a long while, cardigans are labeled as a gender-neutral sweater, which has led many men to move as a masculine sweater choice away from the cardigan. People assume that men who wear cardigans may be a gentleman.  All of those are totally masculinity. A man can wear whatever he wants to feel warm and comfortable. In fact, cardigans were many “manly” men’s favorites. Do you know that cardigan is the signature item of Kurt Cobain – a rock star? He wore it to almost every concert and he killed the look and his fangirls always called him “Lady-magnet”. In recent years, the ongoing trend is unisex clothes (thanks to social movements provoked by the LGBT community). Therefore, a men’s cardigan starts to slide back to fashion.  

How many types of men’s cardigans do you know?

types of men's cardigan

Nowadays, cardigans come in a variety of shapes and designs and the most common styles are listed below:


This cardigan has the neckline cut into a v-shape. A V-neck men’s cardigan works best in a formal situation when you wear it with a T-shirt. Normally this mix gives a preppy vibe to others. 

Shawl collar

The shawl collar is the improved version of the V-neck with additional elongated collars. If you go for a more rugged outfit with an edge, the shawl cardigan is a great option to make it happen. Still, it brings you a classic look in the workplace.

Cable Knit

Cable knitting is a weaving method in which permuting stitches, textures of crossing surfaces are achieved. For example, provided that four stitches emerge on the needle in the order of ABCD, the first two may be crossed (in front of or behind) by the next two, while those needles appear in the new order of CDAB in the following rows. Because of this knitting, cable knit is much thicker than others. 


There is a strong resemblance between a belted cardigan and a bathrobe. In that sense, the belted cardigan is known as a lazy-back garment for weekends. 


For casual outings, a long-line cardigan is a perfect alternative. A long-line cardigan extended silhouette offers it a comfortable feel that fits well for weekend wear.


This somehow looks like a Trench coat with double button lines and double layers of knitting. Consequently, it gives wearers extra warmth and extra convenience. 

How to wear a men’s cardigan without looking like your father?

 Rock trio avec du cuir

A leather jacket and a patterned cardigan are the perfect matches to rock the streetwear runway because this combination adds more complexity to your styling. Both cardigans and leather jackets are traditional menswear, but with some touches of sneakers or bucket hats, you can turn old fashion into a slam dunk.

men's cardigan leather jacket street

Color Pop – Soyez Votre Propre Palette

Giving the street inspiration, it is so obvious that a garish color will definitely gravitate people’s attention by bringing positive energy. Just be yourself and try on new and bright colors. With confidence, you can make everything work.  

colorpop cardigan streetwear


A classic combo to stand out in the street needs only a longline cardigan and a plain T-shirt with black and white color. Men’s cardigan never goes wrong with basic choices.

Minimalist cardigan streetwear

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