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Crewneck sweatshirt: How to find and preserve “the best one”

Through the revolution of clothings, many continue to last forever, some become out of date and disappear without no traces. Sweatshirt is one of the garments that has succeeded through the test of time and become the timeless item. Crewneck sweatshirts or sweatshirts nowadays battle for popularity with a variety of other wardrobe staples.

What is the crewneck sweatshirt?

The history of sweatshirt all started with a new concept for a 100% cotton practice football jersey. It was Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player, that created the first sweatshirt in 1926. Therefore, Rusell Athletic is the original homeland of nowadays sweatshirt. Sweatshirts have long outlived their usefulness as a casual sportswear item. Sweatshirts are commonly basic staples during athletic activity or early fall or winter to welcome the very first cold air. A classic crewneck sweatshirt is adaptable and can be worn in almost any circumstance; everything you need to learn is how to find the right match.

However, while the traditional sweatshirt is a part of everybody’s closet, finding a sweatshirt that fits well can be tricky. A sweatshirt that is either too tight, too loose, too short, or too long can easily transform a great outfit into a fashion faux pas.

How to find your ideal crewneck sweatshirt?

The collar

The collar is the first thing to notice when considering buying a sweatshirt. A classic sweatshirt should have a round neck, which means you can combine it with all kinds of undergarments. If you want to mix the sweatshirt with a bit of preppy appeal, you can let an Oxford or Polo-shirt collar peek out. However, it is important that the collar of the sweatshirt does not cut into the neck, nor should it be too tight, because the sweatshirt is still a comfortable garment and should look like one. If the quality is poor, the collar can also be worn-out so that the waistband begins to hang forward, which is an absolute no-go.

The shoulder

Since a classic sweatshirt should be a rather loose-fitting garment, you have to pay special attention to the placement of the shoulder seam. It should lie on the shoulder bone, because if it sits on the upper shoulder (close to the neck) the sleeve may cut into your armpits. On the other hand, if the shoulder seams sit on the upper arm, the sweatshirt usually looks too big.

The sleeves

Length: Since the sweatshirt is generally part of a wardrobe for colder days, the sleeves should, naturally, reach to the wrists and cover your watch (if you wear one) when your arms are straight.

Width: Tight waistbands protect against the cold, so the cuffs should finish just above the wrists but not cut in. The sleeves themselves should be loose enough so you can bend the arm without shortening the length of the sleeves.

Hips and Waists

Waist: Similar to the sleeves, the waistband should fit at the hip but the rest of the sweatshirt should be loose. If a sweatshirt fits too tight around your waist, it may appear that you can’t fit into your clothes anymore – and due to the taut waistband the rest of the sweatshirt might not have a nice drape and look bulky.

Hips: Usually the perfect width around your hips leaves 3-6cm of loose fabric on each side of the torso. It’s important to remember that wearing a sweatshirt that is too big is never a clever option, especially if you try to hide a tummy, as this usually makes the wearer look even bigger than he actually is.


The waistband should end below the hip, i.e. approximately in the middle of the zipper of your denims. It should definitely not cover your bottom. When it comes to picking the correct length, the actual quality of the fabric is also crucial: cheaper garments quite often shrink, so the supposedly perfect length becomes noticeably imperfect after a few washes

How to wash and maintain your crewneck sweatshirt?

To keep your crewneck sweatshirt last long

Should you fold your clothes or hang them? It’s an important distinction to make. For sweatshirts, think about the material and weight. Crew neck sweatshirts tend to be on the heavy side, and pool weight to certain spots when hung. This may distort shapes, which could reduce the lifespan of an old favorite. Try folding the sweatshirt instead.

If you want to read more about how to wash, care, or fold a sweatshirt, check Rusell Athletic blog. FYI, it has a very detailed guide though maintaining the sweatshirt.

A crewneck sweatshirt is the essential staple in every wardrobe for both men and women. Whether you choose to buy the classic or more based-pattern one, try to pick the one that fits your body and go with your other garments to build the consistent style and reduce biological footprint. Less is more!

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