Beginner Guide: Why is every crazy about the Tie-dye trend in 2020 and will it still be on-trend in 2021?

The return of tie-dye trend has a great influence on streetwear items with the introduction of tie-dye shirts, tie-dye pullovers, tie-dye hoodies, tie-dye cardigans, from outerwear to underwear. What are the reasons behind the fact that tie-dye became the most common topic in every fashion talk in 2020?  

Tie-dye renaissance: What is going on?

In 2020, you must have seen tie-dye garments everywhere. From gen Z to older generations, everyone we know owns an item of tie-dye. The trend was first spotted in March when the whole globe was under national lockdown, and everyone except for frontline workers started to work from home and bustling streets started to miss people. All over social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, the tie-dye trend dominated every newsfeed. Tie-dye hoodies are the most

Tie-dye trend dominates social media

Though tie-dye pattern brings some kind of clumsy and cheap coutures which can be made by anyone, a lot of celebrities have embraced this trend by walking down with it to the street including big names such as Justin Bieber, Usher, Jack Balck, etc.

Tie-dye trend Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber – paired the colorful hoodie from his Drew clothing line with a pair of khaki pants and grey Nike sneakers.

Tie-dye trend Usher

Usher teamed up the orange top with some grey cotton shorts and a pair of white Adidas x 424 kicks

Tie-dye trend Jack Black

Jack Black – Black looked cool as always in his blue tie-dye shirt and blue sneaker.

Skyrocketing since March and reach the peak at 505070 volumes in May, the “tie-dye” keyword is dominating every corner of streetwear. Currently, though the trend saw a significant drop in general the total searches per month still remain high, at 90000. 

According to a lot of marketing reports, online shopping in terms of tie-dye stapes has witnessed a striking increase since March. Moreover, hand-made tie-dye tutorials also grow incredibly. According to Larkin Brown, Pinterest Experience Researcher and In House Stylist, from last June, interest in the word “tie-dye crafts” has risen 13 times on Pinterest. Similarly, “tie-dye at home” searches have risen by more than 462 percent.  And we saw a lot of tie-dye fashion guides all over Youtube and they are absolutely incredible and we can’t help but keep scrolling the feeds and watching them.

The long history of tie-dye trend

When we go back to the origin of the tie-dye pattern, it is clear that it is not invented in the backyard of American houses by primary or secondary kids but the tie-dye was actually the traditional pattern in India, Indonesia, Japan, West Africa. Appearing earliest is Shibori – Japanese pattern since around 6000 years ago with another well-known material – indigo. Ranked on the second is the Indian pattern, around 5000 years ago, the ancient “Bandhani,” in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The pattern of Indonesia is Sarong, which is traditionally dyed with an ancient technique, called “batik” for almost 2000 years up to the present. To be honest, they are the best countries with the best-patterned clothes. 

Tie-dye trend pattern inspired

After all, the trend first became popular when a marketer at Rit, the leading fabric dye company, which has been in production since 1918, sponsored artists with their liquid squeeze dyes to produce hundreds of tie-dye shirts to be sold at the original Woodstock festival.

Fashion Fever explained: what makes tie-dye trend hoodies become the trendspotter?

There are 3 rational reasons which give us answers for the resurgent of tie-dye trend. The first noticeable factor is due to the quarantine situation this seems like this style has become the pandemic’s uniform that unifies us everyone stocking in their houses.

Dawnn Karen, the creator of the Institute of Fashion Psychology and author of Dress Your Best Life, attributes the revival of the trend to the belief that people want to feel like they are all “members of a tribe.” She says: “If we all wear the same thing we see on social media, we are all part of the same agreement.” We have a feeling of not fear of being missing out.’

For those DIY’s that are willing to get their hands, and, dirty floors, the advantage of tie-dye (besides the fact that it’s affordable) is that your result is different every time you make it because it all comes down to how secure the rubber bands are. Because no two outcomes would be the same, it gives you a sense of uniqueness,” says Dr. Carolyn Mair, Behavioral Psychologist and author of T.”

In addition to our mutual need for some kind of artistic outlet, there is also a psychological explanation why tie-dye has suddenly become so popular: it is good for our mental health to embrace nostalgia. The younger generation is often drawn to ‘vintage or throwback’ trends, but the shades are more modern and fresh this time, mostly blended with white, and pastels or candy colors. In addition, he adds that with white denim, the new wave looks gorgeous.

  1. Will tie-dye hoodies out of style in 2021?

2020 has been almost the worst year of the century, and we sticked to the Do-It-Yourself Tie-Dye trend to forget about what has been happening. Tie-Dye has made a major comeback on 2020 and now is 2021 already, and it’s time to move on to the new trend, the trend of back to new normal.  

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