Baseball T-shirt: The one with sporty fashion

A baseball T-shirt or another so-called Raglan T-shirt is probably the most popular basic tee for teens and young adults. It can be worn as a school or university uniform but still looks very cool. How can you leverage your style with this normal T-shirt for the upcoming summer? Check this out right now!

What is the Baseball T-shirt and how was it invented?

Baseball T-shirt aka the so-called Raglan T-shirt is one of the essential fashion items. The term “raglan” refers to the design of the clothing instead of the material used to make it. Sleeves that stretch all the way to the collar and neckline, instead of just stopping at the shoulder, distinguish these tees. Raglan tee sleeves are usually a different color than the rest of the shirt.

Normally, almost pieces of the streetwear piece that are popular today have roots associating with men’s history. Together with The history of Tshirt in general, the origin of the baseball T-shirt is quite fascinating. During the Battle of Waterloo led by Emperor Napoleon in 1815, one of the officers named FitzRoy Somerset after his right arm cut, continued to wear a coat with this continuous sleeve design to allow for more smooth and uninterrupted movement. When the war is finally over, he was appointed to the peerage by the crown for his bravery and loyalty, becoming the 1st Baron Raglan of Raglan. The custom unrestricted shirt that he wore back then has survived to this day.

However, it was Major League Baseball that spread the popularity of this T-shirt. Because of its affiliation with the competitive sport of baseball, the raglan tee is also known as the baseball tee.

baseball T-shirt
Baron Raglan

What are the distinctive features of a baseball T-shirt?

The sleeve pattern of a baseball T-shirt is different from that of other T-shirts. You can tell the difference by looking at the stitching process and the location of the seam. There are several different styles of sleeves, but many people consider a baseball T-shirt to be the complete opposite of a set-in T-shirt. Set-in sleeves have a seam that runs from the underarm to the collar and neckline, whereas raglan sleeves have a seam that runs from the underarm to the back. As a result, a baseball T-shirt or Raglan T-shirt is more flexible.

baseball T-shirt

How to wear a baseball T-shirt with style?

Baseball T-shirt is straight-up the most standalone staple that shines distinguishingly. It is no doubt that baseball tees are unisex and sporty garments. Of course, you don’t need to be a member of a baseball team to wear them, they are super comfortable and giving a laid-back and ready-to-go-out feeling. Choose whatever colors you like and team with ripped jeans or track pants to add ruggedness to your outfits. Finish it off with a bomber jacket over the top and you ready to go!

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